How do I install my new O2NE device?


The O2NE+ and Safe-Ox+ range of instruments are precision instruments and can be susceptible to shock. Care should be taken when installing your O2NE+ or Safe-Ox+ so as to not damage the instrument. 

1. Prior to fitting the Ax O2NE+™/Safe-Ox+™ the warning label must be removed from the instrument display window.

2. The Ax O2NE+™/Safe-Ox+™ should be mounted onto a wall at normal working head height using the mounting lugs and drilling template supplied. Use the paper template to drill the 4 required holes in the wall and use the rawl plugs and screws provided to mount the unit. It is not necessary to dismantle the Ax O2NE+™/Safe-Ox+™ main unit in any way prior to installation. You need to ensure the mains plug, fused at 3 amps, is in easy reach of a power socket. 

3. The alarm repeater housing also has wall mounting lugs.

Please watch the short video below if you have any further questions

O2NE: Installation from Analox on Vimeo.