How do I adjust the alarm set point on my O2NE+/ Safe-Ox+?


The procedure is very similar for setting either Alarm 1 or Alarm 2.

1) Whilst the O2NE+™/Safe-Ox+™ is switched on, enter technician mode by pressing the mode switch 3 times. If entered successfully the green LED will flash off for 1.5 seconds and on for 0.5 of a second.

2) From technician mode, press the ‘Mode’ switch 2 times to set Alarm 1 or 3 times to set Alarm 2. The buzzer will bleep on each press. If this is done successfully, the instrument will show the ‘Fault’ indicator and the appropriate ‘Alarm’ indicator. If this is done inadvertently, or if another mode is selected, press the ‘Mode’ switch once to return to technician mode and then repeat this selection.

3) The display will indicate the present value of the alarm.

4) Press the ‘Mode’ switch twice to proceed to define a new setting, or once to abort and return to technician mode.

5) Press and hold the ‘Mode’ switch. The displayed value will count down at approximately one count per second. Release the switch when the displayed value is equal to the desired alarm value.

6) Upon release of the ‘Mode’ switch, the display will continue to show the new value. Accept the new setting by pressing the ‘Mode’ switch twice, or alternatively ignore the new setting by pressing the switch once. This will return to the technician mode.

7) To exit from technician mode, press the Mode switch once. The O2NE+™/Safe-Ox+™ then restarts by performing the normal power on sequence (4 flashes).