My ATA Pro is displaying 133 /Err, and will not change with different sample gases. How do I solve this?


The ATA Pro uses a pellistor type helium sensor for helium detection and is constantly carrying out self-tests (confirming everything is working as it should).


If the device displays the "133" message or the "Err" message, either the helium pellistor has suffered a drop or mechanical shock which has permanently damaged it (unfortunately, this means the cell is in need of replacement), or the readings from the helium sensor have drifted out of the allowed limit (the sensor will require calibration). 

The recommended solution is to first attempt a full calibration of the He sensor. If this is unsuccessful, the helium sensor should be replaced with new.

Please see ATA: (Pro) Sensor change and calibration for instructions on how to proceed with calibration and (if necessary) sensor replacement.