How do I bump test my EIICO?


The following video gives clear instructions on the bump procedure for the EIICO

To bump test the EIICO

  1. Zero the EIICO display using the zero pot on the side of the instrument
  2. Take the straw from the side of the bump test can and insert into the EIICO domed adaptor, then insert the free end into the nozzle of the bump test gas
  3. Holding the instrument up so the display can be seen, apply the bump test gas by pressing the nozzle for around 5 seconds, notice the display will start to increase
  4. Remove the straw from both the domed adaptor and bump gas nozzle, replace the lid and then replace the straw back on the side of the bump test can
  5. Monitor the display, it should return to zero after a short period

If the displayed value of CO does not increase when exposed to the bump test gas, it is likely that the CO cell has depleted and is in need of replacement. 

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