A:  F60 is a fault that is displayed when the CO2 Buddy is failing to charge correctly.

This can be caused by using a charger that does not have enough current to supply power to the device steadily enough, this is usually caused when trying to charge from a PC USB port.

Using a more powerful charging plug such as a fast-charge plug should remedy the issue.

If it does not, it is likely that the battery has become dormant. 

The CO2Buddy is sold in a low power “ship mode”. This extends the product shelf life (up to 18 months) so first use can be as simple as charging and then fresh air calibrating the unit. 

Products stored for long periods or allowed to fully discharge and then stored for months without charging are subject to a second safety feature. The unit display will show F60 when connected to external power and will not charge. This is an indication that the CO2Buddy has entered a dormant state (to further reduce the discharge rate). This state is usually recoverable but please note it should be avoided because deep discharge can result in battery damage and reduced performance.  

The battery can be recovered using the following steps:


  1. Connect the CO2Buddy to charge, wait for the red lights to flash.

  1. Disconnect the CO2Buddy from charge.

  1. Repeat steps one and two ten times.

  2. Connect the CO2 Buddy to charge. After a few seconds the unit display will show --- and the green light will be steady on. 

  3. Leave until fully charged at which point the green light will slowly flash.

The process injects a small amount of charge into the battery each time the cable is plugged in.  This allows the battery to be pushed over the dormancy threshold. 

It is important to wait for the red light to flash, as the battery is not charged unless the LED is activated.

A video of the process can be found here: