This instruction is intended to be used by users under instruction of the Analox Support Team. When Analox provides a bespoke configuration it can be uploaded to your ACG+ by following these steps:

1. Ensure the ACG+ PC tool is installed on your computer

2. Navigate to the ACG PC tool folder (Usually C:\Program Files (x86)\Analox\ACG Setup)


3. Create a folder named Config within this directory


4. Download the bespoke configuration file as supplied by Analox and copy it to the newly created Config folder


5. Power up your ACG+ unit

6. Connect your PC to the ACG+ unit via the supplied USB cable

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7. Run the ACG+ PC tool


8. Select the 'Advanced' tab, and in the Device configuration drop down list, select the configuration file


9. Click 'Configure', and in the warning that opens, select 'OK'


10. Disconnect the USB cable and close your device. Once you restart your ACG+ system the new settings will take affect