a)The replacement part number for your sensor is: 9100-9220-9B

b) Loosen the 4 screws located on the front cover. The gasket seal is designed to prevent water leaking into the O2 EII®, as a result the seal may be tight. Loosen the seal by moving the lid from side to side, and then and carefully lift the cover.

c) Disconnect the connector from the back of the sensor.

d) Unscrew the sensor from the front cover.

e) Dispose of the old sensor according to local regulations for lead and potassium hydroxide solution.

f) Remove the new sensor from its pack and check it for leaks, check the sensor has a rubber o-ring fitted at the base of the thread on the front of the sensor. Screw the sensor into the front cover tightly and connect to the EII connector. An arrow on the back of the sensor shows where the connector should be fitted. Make sure the metal prongs on the connector are facing the sensor and push in firmly.

g) Replace the cover carefully taking care that the sensor locates properly and that you do not trap any wires. Screw down until you feel the gasket tighten; do not over tighten the screws.

h) Push on the EII adapter.