All relevant product information can be found on the Analox Sensor Technology website, take a look at the O2NE+  and Safe-Ox+product pages. 

The O2NE+ and Safe-Ox+ range of instruments are precision instruments and can be susceptible to shock. Care should be taken when installing your O2NE+ or Safe-Ox+ so as to not damage the instrument. 

Note. It is not necessary to dismantle the O2NE+/Safe-Ox+ main unit in any way prior to installation.

1. Prior to fitting the O2NE+/Safe-Ox+ the warning label should be removed from the instrument display window. 
2. The O2NE+/Safe-Ox+ should be mounted onto a wall at normal working head height using the mounting lugs and drilling template supplied.

3. Use the paper template to drill the 4 required holes in the wall and use the rawl plugs and screws provided to mount the unit. 

4. If this is a mains powered device, ensure the plug is in easy reach of a power socket. 

5. The alarm repeater housing also has wall mounting lugs and should be mounted in high visibility areas at the entrance to monitored locations

The video below should provide clarification on the installation process:

O2NE: Installation from Analox on Vimeo.