What should I expect when I switch my O2NE+ /Safe-Ox+ on?


When the Ax O2NE+/ Safe-Ox+ is turned on all lights will flash on and off four times (accompanied by a horn sounding) 

The 'Fault' status indicator will then remain lit and the 'Good/OK' will flash briefly every few seconds 

After the initial start-up period has expired, the 'Fault' status indicator will turn off

The 'Good/OK' status indicator will be illuminated and flash briefly every few seconds, indicating normal operation

The status indicators on any alarm repeaters will mimic this operation

The display will briefly read '' on power up before reverting to the O2 reading

Note:  The instrument should be allowed to settle for a period of 2 hours before sensor readings stabilise

Please watch the brief video showing device initialisation sequence