All relevant product information can be found on the Analox Sensor Technology website, take a look at the O2NE+  and Safe-Ox+ product pages. 

It is a relatively simple process to retrofit a relay unit to the O2NE+/Safe-Ox+ unit, but it is important to remember to ensure that your device has been powered down and disconnected from the supply before gaining access to the enclosure!

  1. First gain access to the enclosure by removing the lid. 
  2. Drill extra hole in the O2NE+/ Safe-Ox+ enclosure base and fit a cable gland fitted.

  3.   Feed the relay cable through the cable gland and loop the wire around a ferrite ring twice and pull tight. 
  4. Terminate the relay wires in the JP13 terminal block as shown below:

  5. Ensure the A50 PCB sits flat within the enclosure and that no wires are fouling the supports.  Refit the lid and secure all cables by tightening the Cable Glands with a 15mm spanner (take care not to over tighten).   

  6. The relays are factory configured to operate as: Relay 1 – Alarm 1; Relay 2 – Alarm 2
    Both relays operate in failsafe mode (ie. Energised in non-alarm condition)

It is not possible to change these settings unless the unit is returned to Analox for a configuration change.