We need to interface a relay box cable to the O2 monitor. The O2 monitor is equipped with “alarm repeater” port, but, not with relay port. 

Is there a way that we can configure the monitor to connect the relay box?



Yes, this is a relatively simple process, but remember to ensure your device has been powered down and disconnected from the supply before gaining access to the enclosure!

First gain access to the enclosure by removing the lid. 

An extra hole will be required to be drilled and a cable gland fitted.

The PCB should now be fitted in to the enclosure base. The PCB should sit in the recess of the moulded supports inside the enclosure. Ensure the PCB sits flat to the supports and that no wires are fouling the supports.  

Fit the enclosure lid over the PCB assembly. The four M3x12mm Self Tapping screws can now be fitted to secure the lid.  

Secure all cables by tightening the Cable Glands with a 15mm spanner. Do not over tighten.  


Relay operation

The relays are factory configured to operate as follows:


Relay 1 – Alarm 1

Relay 2 – Alarm2


Both relays operate in failsafe mode (ie. Energised in non-alarm condition)