A few customers have asked whether it is possible to disable the sounders on their Ax60+ alarm units. Unfortunately this is not possible through the device software at present.


There is a work around for those who want this disabled regardless, this is detailed below:

Power the system down and remove the 4x screws securing the CO2 Alarm face plate.


Carefully remove the device face plate and look at the connections to the main PCB



The Green wire (marked GRN on the PCB) is responsible for the alarm sounder. Disconnect this wire can isolate it with insulation tape.


Carefully refit the device face plate (ensuring no wires become snagged or pinched).

Secure the face plate with the 4x screws

Note. This procedure should be completed for any alarm units that you would like to mute


Power the system up and – once in normal operation mode- test the system with a single long Accept/Test button press to ensure the alarm unit strobes correctly (with no sounder).


Congratulations, you have disabled the alarm unit sounder.