The Ax60+ installation and commissioning processes are fully described in the Ax60+ user manual and more succinctly in the Ax60+ quick start guide. All relevant product literature can be found in the Analox Sensor Technology website on the Ax60+ product page.

The Ax60+ is a gas detection platform system using RS485 communications to allow the user to connect up to 4 sensor units to the central display.

Each sensor is factory configured at location one. If a system includes more than one sensor each one must be reconfigured by moving the jumper link to the appropriate sensor location, e.g., a system comprising 2 sensors has the jumper link fitted at sensor 1 location 1, sensor 2 location 2 and so on. Remove the cover to access the jumper link.

The sensors are connected to the central display unit in a 'daisy-chain' configuration as follows:

The first sensor in the chain is connected directly to the Ax60+ central display unit, wiring can either be via the 'knock-out' on the rear of the unit or the optional gland on the bottom of the unit

Any subsequent sensors in the 'chain' simply double-up the communications connections within each previous sensor unit as follows:

Alarm units for each sensor are connected within the relevant sensor at the 'strobe sounder' terminals

Again, if multiple alarm units are to be used, these should be daisy-chained in the same way as with multiple sensor units

The Central Display software is factory configured for a system that has one sensor. If there are two, three, or four sensors

the software must be reconfigured. This is done by using the Top-level Menu, Central Config, Attached snsrs option.

1] Press and hold Cancel + Cycle for at least 6 seconds. Then press Cycle five times to display

Central Config.

2] Press Accept/Test to display the Attached snsrs screen.

3] Press Accept/Test again to select the Num. of sensors? Screen.

4] Press Cycle to toggle the number of sensors then press Accept/Test to confirm.