A comms fault is a communications fault between the sensor unit and the central display. There are a few potential causes of this, however here are the most common and thor solutions. There is a video below showing the steps advised.

The first step is to silence the alarm. Press the Accept/Test button once. 

Then check that the faults are not latched.  A latched alarm is where an alarm has occurred and the latch function maintains the alarm in an active state. If the fault is latched, it will return when the device is restarted even if the fault conditions have cleared.  Often, acknowledging the fault will clear it.

To acknowledge a latched alarm:

Cycle through the sensors using the blue cycle button on the central display. 

If an asterisk (*) is displayed next to the sensor in fault, press and hold the Accept/Test button for 3 seconds, this should change the asterisk sign to a chevron (>).

If the fault remains, there are four potential causes; Cable Connections, sensor position Jumper, Wiring or a faulty sensor unit. 

Warning: Before attempting to solve any issues, disconnect the power from the Ax60+ system.

Cable connections:

If your Ax60+ is a quick connect, ensure that the blue (alarm unit) cables all join to blue, and the grey (sensor unit) cables to grey.

If your system is hard wired, the cabling must be daisy chained and not connected in a star configuration.


A jumper that is in the wrong position can also cause a comms fault. Each sensor must have a unique jumper position. Two sensors with the same jumper position will cause a COMMS fault. Here is a jumper. It's a small black plastic piece of equipment. To show the positioning I have opened up a sensor where you can see four areas where the jumper can go. To keep it simple:

Sensor 1 must have the jumper in position 1

Sensor 2 must have the jumper in position 2

Sensor 3 must have the jumper in position 3

Sensor 4 must have the jumper in position 4


The central display and sensor unit communicate through a Cat5 cable.  On the PCB for each unit there is a colour coded connector block.  Ensure that the colours of each wire matches the corresponding colour of the connector block.

Ensure there is no loose copper sticking out and that all of the wires are securely inserted.

Faulty sensor unit:

If none of the above work, or if the sensor unit’s power light is off after attempting these solutions, contact analox customer support via support@analoxgroup.com or telephone UK +44 (0)1642 711400 and US +1(714) 891 4478.